5 Tips to Make Your Website Design Error Free

It is always advised to check twice before making your website live, and this is the reason why most of the web applications are made live in their beta stage, before making their final release. You would have noticed this in case of various applications such as Gtalk, many cms platforms like WordPress, Drupal and others who release their candidate version or beta version, prior to final version. Now, why it is done is to encounter and check the unnoticed, missed or left over errors or minute details, which needed to be attended, otherwise may become a fatal error for the whole program. So a final testing is what required for every website or web application. Today, let’s discuss upon the points which one should not forget, and must ensure before making the website live. Your main objective should be to make visitors’ experience smooth and positive. Below are the few points to perk up your website design at page level. These tests must be carried out before you go for usability testing. 1. The Meta description of your website must give a brief of the respective page. It must be compelling enough to make the reader, searching for similar service/product/information, click. 2. Punch lines/Tag Lines: – The reason why the content of the websites have started keeping tag lines/punches is to engage client, and make them your content, or the message you want to deliver. Normally a visitor doe not give more than 5 seconds, if he does not finds anything interesting. So, make sure that you keep your best lines placed at the start of your content and place it above the fold. 3. Keep your main content above the bottom of your screen. This will keep the surety that a visitor will not miss your core message, even if he doesn’t scroll to the bottom. 4. Follow the convention of making a hyperlink turn blue. It makes it noticeable and easy to recognize a link for those who are new to the Internet. 5. Multiple Browser Compatibility: The most important thing to check before making a website live is checking it for browser compatibility in different browsers. Your website must be compatible to every popular browser, at least. The website must be accessible similarly to everyone, irrespective of the browser. Following these tips may bring some necessary design changes in your website, but your visitor’s experience will be enhanced and will become better. Try to get some feedbacks from critics, who have some experience in web designing. It might be possible that they can provide you some more valuable inputs. By PixelCrayons PixelCrayons is a Web Design amp; Development company. PixelCrayons provide affordable web application development services, custom web design solutions, website redesign services etc.

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