Five Websites for Unique and Cheap Christmas Gifts

 In a time when money is short, finding unique and cheap Christmas gifts can be tough. The brilliance of the Internet is not just a cool place to spend your day, but an excellent source for quality goods and services without breaking the bank. There are five sites in particular where you can find unique and cheap Christmas Gifts. These gifts will delight your friends and family all without emptying your wallet. 1. Etsy is a forum where artists can post their products. Etsy contains unique, handmade gifts such as jewelry, art, clothing, or pretty much anything you can imagine. This isn’t an understatement. If you can think of it, it’s probably there. Not only can you get one of a kind Christmas gifts, but you can also find wonderful vintage items both in original, pristine condition or altered. If you can’t find a unique and cheap Christmas gift that fits your aunt’s weird sense of style, you have the option of custom ordering. For this option, you describe what you want and how much you’re willing to pay and artisans will bid to make your dream come true. Spend as much or as little as you like. Not only are you getting a unique and cheap Christmas gift for a friend or loved one, you are supporting small business and the arts. 2. The next spot for your unique and cheap Christmas gifts has to be Zazzle. Zazzle not only offers items such as shirts, stickers, magnets, and keychains with almost any image or saying that you can imagine, Zazzle also allows you to create your own gifts and put it on one of their many, many products. You can simply search for something funny or meaningful among the myriad of gifts on Zazzle, but even more interestingly you can make your own gifts. Zazzle has the most unique and interesting customizable items. Not only can you make a custom pair of Keds, you can put your favorite image on a skateboard, real, usable postage, or pet clothing! 3. – Photo Center Offering some of the most inexpensive Christmas gift possibilities is Walmart’s Photo Center. Here, you can create many items using your favorite photos new or old. In addition to Holiday Cards, you can also create books, mugs, and ornaments. Furthermore, you can put your high resolution images on large throw blankets, clothing, and jewelry. Walmart offers you the chance to take your favorite memories and create a unique gift that will always be cherished. Not only can you make awesome cheap Christmas décor and couture, you can use your favorite family pictures (or even that humorous and embarrassing picture of your uncle!) Imagine your parent’s wedding photo on a blanket or pillow! 4. Unique items such as shirts, bottles, childrens clothing hats, flair Make your own custom item On Cafepress, much like Zazzle, you can create your own unique and cheap Christmas gifts. But, Cafepress offers some different options than Zazzle. You can easily search for one of the millions of items already available, or you can be more adventurous and make your own items such as t-shirts, drink bottles, and children’s clothing. Don’t forget that unique piece of flair! Get your uncle a hat, get your dad a shirt, get your mom a magnet for the fridge. The possibilities are endless for unique gift ideas. 5. Finally, this site would require a little more work on your part, but you can print your own book. From color books to hardcover books, you can put your entire family history or a narrative of a favorite trip into print. You can save your book and print as many as you like any time you like. You could print a short book of favorite jokes or stories. You could make a book of memories or pictures. You could draw and write you own children’s book to give to all the small children in the family. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination. So, with this handy list in hand, you are ready to search for those perfect unique and cheap Christmas gifts that no one else will be able to top…and it’s affordable!

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